Top 10 Kids Fashion Blogs & Resources in 2018

Kids’ fashion isn’t covered nearly as much as woman’s or even men’s fashion is. Many parents assume that applying the style advice given on the plethora of adult fashion blogs or magazines to their little ones will suffice. But, with the exception of some very adorable matching mommy and me outfits, children’s apparel is not made the same as adults. That is to say, when a designer makes adult clothes they generally do not make the same items in children’s sizes. For these reason, and the fact that adult styles may not be appropriate for kids, we here at FittedTot pay close attention to the resources available that specifically address current styles, trends, and brands for children. Here’s our top ten favorite:

    1. Junior Style

      Junior Style has evolved throughout the years and now is an online destination for independent children’s fashion globally through their kid’s fashion blogzine which showcases brands through fashion trends, industry news, fashion editorials, brand profiles/lookbooks/influencer and contributor posts.  Junior Style’s mission is to raise the visibility of the best emerging childrenswear brands in the world—connecting them to our community of caregivers, children’s lifestyle influencers and consumers. Founded by Romaine Coonghe in 2003, Junior Style is well known for their London-based pop-up events and flash sales and knack for introducing unique brands to a wider audience.

      Girl Reading on bed in knit skirt and button up blouse

      Junior Style London is also a boutique digital content marketing agency specialising in children’s fashion brands and the Junior Style blog is one of the marketing tools used to promote the brands they work with. The blog is not only for consumers but also B2B.

    2. Mini Style Mag

      Mini Style Mag is ran by founders Jamie Menna (@JAMIEMENNA) and Megan Sanderson (@MOTHERMEG). Both fashion industry experts and mothers of multiple boys.
      Baby wearing blue knit hat
      This beautiful site delivers some of the best content on boutique children’s clothing brands and displays stunning photos to illustrate.

    3. Chasin’ Ivy

      Chasin’ Ivy is blog that stars the adorable Ivy Mae, a 5 year old mini fashion blogger. Well, the actual blogging is done by her mother. The exceptional styling and photography is done by her aunt.
      girl in stylish athletic wear on bench.
      Their latest post covers Jill Yoga, a very cute collection of comfy athletic wear for littles.


    1. Smudgetikka

      This is a blog covering the very high end children’s fashion. Their modern website is easy to navigate and filled with amazing photography.
      child crouching in beige sweater and brown leather boots.
      Smudgetikka kids fashion blog is ran by Linda McLean, a professional in children’s fashion. She is the current Fashion Editor at Family Traveler Magazine and has a vast array of experience to draw on. She knows the best in the business and brings you the hottest designer labels and the strongest trends in kids wear fashion right now.

    2. Fannice Kids Fashion

      This alluring blog got its start from a fashion loving mom who found herself spending a lot of time browsing on and offline for kids fashion and sales.
      Girl modeling children's fashion on runway.
      On this kids fashion blog you’ll find: kids wear, brands, shops, news and any other stuff a mom with kids age 0 to 16 could find interesting.

    3. Pirouette

      Pirouette is a fantastic resource for children’s design, trends and culture which aims to support creativity and talent but it also does this by talking about life, family, culture and health.
      Girl in blue cardigan looking out window
      This is another London based kids’ fashion blog. Unlike Junior Style, Pirouette is a reference geared for both consumers and businesses. Topics covered include brand profiles, trade show reports, interviews with industry insiders, photography, and product reviews. It also features culture news around family lifestyle and health tips.

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  1. Kids Wear Mag

    If you’re looking for some of the best photography of kids wear in the world, this is THE place to find it.
    Girl in cute overall outfit with hat
    Kid’s Wear is a magazine for children’s fashion, lifestyle and culture. They collect interpretations of current fashions from the world’s best photographers and compile them into an attractive 250+ page magazine twice a year. They magazine has recently received commendations from the Art Director´s Club New York and the Art Director´s Club Deutschland.

  2. Paul & Paula

    Paul and Paula is a blog ran by Surabhi, a very talented photographer based out of Boston. Along with an impressive team of contributors, she delivers insightful content and beautiful photography covering small and independent kids clothing brands around the world.
    Girl posing on stairs
    Founder and photographer at Third Eye Chic Studio, Surabhi specializes in documentary kids/family photography and lifestyle portraiture.

  3. The Motherchic

    This elegant blog has a clever play on words for its name. It is not pronounced the Mother Chick, but Mother Chic like “the Mothership.” We love this analogy because moms are so central to the family, as motherships are to a fleet of sci-fi spacecraft.
    Stylish family out on the town.
    Their sophisticated blog gives honest, real mom reflections on fashion and parenthood.

  4. Kid Fashion Blog

    Kids Fashion Blog is ran by a Danish mom living in Barcelona named Maria. The blog started as a personal blog about everything cool, quirky, different and fresh from the wonderful world of kids’ fashion.

Girl wearing Play Hard outfit.
Here you find really cool kids styles, street- and lounge wear.  All from brands and independent designers with an alternative, ethical and fun approach to children’s wear.

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